How shoes made


How are shoes made?

A sneak peek at shoe making steps

Shoes have travelled an interesting journey through the years. Primitive man wore them to protect their feet while most of us wear them for making our feet look beautiful apart from protecting them. Earlier people got their shoes made from roadside cobblers, meaning every shoe was customized. From customization to bulk manufacturing and then again to niche customization, shoes have exciting stories to tell. Some prefer sandals, other shoes, while still others prefer heels, stilettos, rubber shoes, sneakers, etc. There is no stopping in variety of shoes. In fact, they change according to fashion. Shoes are chosen based on comfort, need, season, fashion, and other factors. The first step in the shoe making process is the material selection. It varies from leather to fabric, wood, plastic, rubber, canvas, metal, foams and many such. Shoe making is a creative art. Shoes require perfect engineering and imagination, which should result in a pair that great on looks and high on durability. The steps of shoe making involve:

Step One: Last Formation

The first step and also the most important one. Made using wood or plastic, last refers to the form on which the cobbler molds shoes. This is the thing, which if right, gives way to a perfect fit and an awesome feel coupled with long lasting performance. The cobbler involves last at the beginning of the shoe making process and even at the last.

Step Two: Closing

United the shoe stands due to the art of closing. Closing refers to combining all the artistic coverings of the pair. This is the step where the cobblers pierce the uppers, punches them, wedges, ridges and finally places the lining and sewing the combination.

Step Three: Lasting

The sewn upper is then stretched upon the last. Cobblers apply force in order to stretch this upper on various connecting points of the lasts. Here the upper acquires the shape of the last.

Step Four: Attaching

Here in the cobbler attaches the upper to the sole.

Step Five: Finishing

The final cut refers to finishing. The cobbler trims, cleans, and polishes the shoes. The manufacturer brands the shoes with the logo at this step. Thereafter the shoes are packed and dispatched.

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